Pricing & Payment Options

All our VW Campervans can now be purchased by spreading the cost!

Screen-Shot-2015-01-19-at-11.33.42-980x715Fast becoming one of the Largest VW Campervans for Sale Specialist in the country, we can now facilitate Finance schemes so our customers can spread the cost of their VW Campervan purchase. Not normally applicable for VW Campervans for Sale, we can provide you with a range of flexible options, with varying deposits and payment schemes to suit your, or the business budget.


Each of our Campervans are backed by our own unique 3-2-1 Warranty scheme.
The most complex available on the market, and offering you three years protection.


Rust and Rot Protection to the Chassis


Paint Defect Warranty cover

1 YEAR –

Mechanical Warranty on our Option One Campervans, 6 Months on our Option Two, and 3 Months on our Option Three Campervans. Additional timescales available to purchase.



What is hire purchase?

Hire purchase enables you to spread the cost of the asset, giving you eventual ownership at the end of the repayment term. Hire purchase finance is designed to ensure a steady cash flow, rather than making one large capital outlay. Our third Party Finance Company can tailor a repayment plan to suit your budget, and to allow for any seasonality in your business or personal life.

Hire purchase features and benefits:

  • Fixed monthly payments that allow you to budget
  • Ability to buy the Campervan that suits your needs
  • Minimum capital outlay
  • Interest only Options and Delayed Payment Schemes available
  • Eventual ownership upon payment of an ‘option to purchase’ fee

Buying as a business

All our VW Campers for Sale are imported from outside of the EC. As such, they are all V.A.T Qualifying vehicles, with all our pricing including V.A.T.

We have had several business owners, whom are also VAT registered, successfully purchase their campervans through their retrospective business. Due to the Iconic nature of our Vw Campers for Sale, they make great Business Promotional tools.

There are several Accountancy benefits to be made as a result :

  • Claim back VAT (if registered) and capital allowances. All running costs are tax deductible. Cost goes into the balance sheet
  • Offset the cost price of ownership by establishing a ‘write down value’ and reduce your profits, therefore reducing your liability
  • As a sole trader or partnership you can claim the costs of running the Campervan
  • We will be able to make a referral to our Finance Providers who offer Lease Purchase agreements and VAT could also be reclaimed against the monthly rentals

If of course you consider this as an option then best advice is to also consult your accountant. We would be happy to discuss your requirements.

Staged Payments

Once you have chosen one of our VW Campervans, what colours you would like, the Interior Cabintry, Fabrics and Upholstery, your order is confirmed by way of you initial deposit. This is a third of your total invoice price, upon which we will commence your Campervan. As the schedule progresses the balance is then broken up into two more thirds.

The second third is payable upon reaching the end of month Three following your order date, and the final third upon reaching the end of month Six following your order date.

We feel that giving our customers the opportunity to purchase their Campervans at the earliest convenience by way of the first deposit, and booking it into our schedule, will mean an earlier opportunity for those customers to purchase one of our Option Programme Campervans.

Part Exchange

Buying one of our Option Programme VW Camper Vans for Sale is a big purchase for all of our customers.

Due to our success, we have been able to team up with several Motor trade contacts and Vw Specialists across the country to offer all our prospective Customers the opportunity to Part Exchange their Volkswagen at the point of order.

We adhere to several areas of criteria to this scheme and would ask that you contact us to discuss these.

If you have a VW Split Screen, Bay Window, Type 4, Type 5, Beetle or Notch! We’d like to hear from you.